Seeing the future

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There are a lot of responses from a single sentence that does not agree about this.there is doubt.Some are people who claim to have this ability.Future is something that will happen.there are people who say the future is now.some others say the future depends on what we it true?


We first analyze 
context.The notion of "context" here can be very broad.And not be explained with words kata.Logika is something that most people in the world.But believed by most people who believe in logic do not know what the logic was.

Once again we are not seeking the truth or just looking for error.
We're just looking for points of Another viewpoint.Why I call they do not know? Mindless and they do not believe the logic of "supernatural". It is also logical, but ... ahhh difficult if explained.

Ok, rather than explain it better get back to nature
human.Human created by the finite mind, something finite can not measure something that not limited.Like a 30 cm ruler to measure the surface area of the earth.

Seeing the future

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meaning of Emotion

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Emotion is an output or outputs that result from the emotional heartstrings Some body.What? Why should remove it?

Emotions that I will discuss here relate to the emotions of anger of soul.Emotion of angry occurs when the heart can be a pain hati.Why sick? Description is very complex.Begind of liver discuss what it means? Careful here is the mind.

Any thoughts are translated into very complex.Mostly people would describe the mind as something produced certainly
but emotions far deeper than that.

There is a section in our brain that serves as the 'heart'. Far deeper, in contrast to itu.Heath conscience is the conscience of a scientific nature that most people do not recognize its existence.

There is a spirit that is embedded in each of the bodies, most of the scientists who know call it aura.Aura is the implementation of something more complex, can not be explained with words.

So basically there because of our emotions that make it, not because there is something 
triggered.Ketelitian the readers in my reading of this is necessary, because the reading is not enough, requires an understanding of the things implied in it.

meaning of Emotion

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Behind the phenomenon of human indigo

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When viewed from the side of many people who believe it or not, surely the answer is
diverse.But when viewed from the side of opinion and fact, most of which opinion is correct opini.Don't see what is wrong and what is to blame.

We must be good to see the meaing behind the words implied before deciding something.We should also think about some aspect of humanity and we are busy thinking 
divinity.From the mistake of a human point of indigo, so why do not we think of ourselves as human beings?

Instead of seeking the truth and the point where the point of fault, because any subject whatever, and as pure as that sought by mistake must meet a very undesirable juga.
incident Muslims like me is when an atheist (does not recognize the existence of God)

Errors can scrape and dig to the pure religion religious Islam.
if in fact something pure can be scraped and dug his mistake by a particular person, until the Muslims (who are not strong in the faith) to believe.
  Moreover, just a topic that discusses the phenomenon of Indigo children?

The real truth is the truth that the truth of his own priority.Because if we understand the human being is divided into various levels:

Humans who worship out of fear of hell

For want of heaven

Humans who worship out of love with himself

Humans who worship because they care for others

For want of the blessings God

The latter is because the love of God

And levels of care are not want to remind someone of him who had wrong.But more to remind myself to be more
introspect to existing deficiencies in his heart.

Behind the phenomenon of human indigo

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Easy Tips on How to Improve Your Memory Brain

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You may have heard, to keep the brain sharp, we must practice it with things like the content of crossword puzzles and reading. Now there is a better suggestion. Hany by talking with friends can bring better results. The experts who examined 3617 people found a clear relationship between socialization and brain function. Participation of all age groups the most impaired cognitive associating the lowest kedati much too much to train the brain. Assumed by most people that talk does not require any mental effort turned out to be wrong. Brain scan showed mild conversation mangaktifkan special part of the brain that show great directing effort.
Ways to use your brain: Chat with friends over the phone or invite for dinner. This method can keep the brain young for a long time.

Fast Way

The experts told the subject of fast walking for 15 minutes, 3 times a week. People who walk have increased to 15% of brain function. They are more capable of making connections, doing various tasks and ignore distractions. The studies also found, after aerobic exercise for 45 minutes, 3 times a week, mental performance increased to 25%. Exercise not only increases the growth of new nerve cells in the brain, as well as more blood flow and oxygen to the brain to make it more intelligent.
Ways to strengthen the brain: A study showed that people who are most likely to keep running on foot is also doing something fun at the same time: listening to music, chatting with children, or her with eye wash.

Chewing gum

Research conducted in 2002 in England found that chewing gum providing better results in long-term memory test and short-term than those who did not chew anything.
The scientists suspect, the act of chewing gum will produce saliva, which increases heart rate, or it affects the functioning of the brain region called the hippocampus that causes the body to release insulin in preparation for the metabolism of food

Sources: 7 ways to improve IQ

Brain game

A program called Lumosity, developed with the help of neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists from Stanford University and the University of California at San Francisco, is specifically designed for parents who want to improve memory, concentration, waking, and even their mood.
Of course, there's always sports a classic brain and cheap, such as Sudoku and crossword puzzles that can be found anywhere. Exercises that will inspire knowledge and help the nerves in the brain interconnected.

Foods That Help Improve Brain Memory

    Fish oil

    Our brains need omega3 fatty acids which can be found from several species of fish such as mackarel, tuna, salmon, and other marine fish species. In addition to omega-3 fatty acids, fish also contain docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and iodine is good for the nerves of the brain and sharpen your memory sharper.


    The age factor is one of the causes of memory decline in our brains. To improve memory, tomato is a fruit that is quite useful. This is because tomatoes are rich in lycopene and antioxidants that can help protect against this type of damage caused by free radicals resulting from age.


    Vitamin C in Blackcurrent already known to have the power to increase mental agility in thinking. Able to keep the brain from toxins from the environment or food, so it can prevent memory loss.
Pumpkin seeds Pumpkin Seeds

    Improve memory

    able to foods that contain zinc. Zinc is good for improving memory and sharpness memeilahara brain and mind. Zinc can be found in pumpkin seeds pumpkin seeds.
Broccoli is a source of vitamin K, which is well known to improve cognitive function and ability of the brain in thinking
(Increase brain memory)

 Easy Tips on How to Improve Your Memory Brain

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Melihat masa depan

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Ada banyak tanggapan dari sebuah kalimat yang satu ini.Ada yang tidak setuju,ragu-ragu,ada pula orang yang mengaku memiliki kemampuan itu.Masa depan adalah sesuatu yang akan terjadi.Ada orang yang berkata masa depan adalah saat ini.Beberapa yang lain berkata masa depan tergantung dari apa yang kita lakukan.Apakah benar ?


Kita analisa dulu konteksnya.Pengertian “konteks” disini bisa sangat luas.Dan tidak bisa dijelaskan dengan kata-kata.Logika memang sesuatu yang paling banyak dipercayai oleh orang di dunia.Tapi kebanyakan orang yang percaya logika tidak tahu apa logika itu.

Sekali lagi kita tidak mencari kebenaran atau kesalahan.Kita hanya mencari sudut pandang yang lain.Kenapa saya sebut mereka tidak tahu ? Kareana mereka tidak percaya logika “supranatural”.Itu  juga logika,tapi…ahhh sulit jika dijelaskan.

Ok,dari pada menjelaskan itu lebih baik  kita kembali ke tabiat manusia.Manusia diciptakan dengan pikiran yang terbatas,sesuatu yang terbatas tidak akan bisa mengukur sesuatu yang tidak terbatas.Ibarat sebuah penggaris 30 cm mengukur luas permukaan bumi.

Melihat masa depan

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Arti Emosi

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Emosi adalah suatu output atau keluaran yang ditimbulkan karena perasaan hati seseorang.Apakah itu emosi ? kenapa harus mengeluarkannya ?

Emosi yang akan saya bahas disini berhubungan dengan emosi kemarahan jiwa.Emosi kemarahan terjadi ketika terjadinya suatu sakit hati.Kenapa hati bisa sakit ? Penjelasannya bisa sangat kompleks.Mulai dari membahas hati apa yang dimaksud ? Hati disini adalah pikiran.

Pikiran pun dijabarkan menjadi sangat kompleks.Kebanyakan orang pasti mendeskripsikan pikiran sebagai sesuatu yang dihasilkan otak.Memang benar,tetapi emosi jauh lebih dalam dari itu.

Ada suatu bagian didalam otak kita yang berfungsi sebagai ‘hati’.Jauh lebih dalam lagi,hati nurani berbeda dengan itu.Hati nurani adalah suatu alam yang kebanyakan orang ilmiah tidak mengakui keberadaanya.
Ada sebuah roh yang tertanam didalam setiap jasad,kebanyakan ilmuan yang mengerti menyebutnya aura.Aura adalah implementasi dari sesuatu yang lebih kompleks lagi,tidak dapat dijelaskan dengan kata-kata. 

Jadi intinya emosi ada karena kita yang membuatnya,bukan karena ada sesuatu yang memicunya.Ketelitian para pembaca dalam membaca tulisan saya ini sangat diperlukan,karena dengan membaca saja tidak cukup,dibutuhkan pemahaman terhadap hal-hal yang tersirat didalamnya.

Arti Emosi

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Cara Sederhana Melatih kedisiplinan

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Kedisiplinan adalah suatu cara bagi seseorang untuk mengatur dirinya dengan cara mengatur waktu.Bicara kedisiplinan kita pasti bicara waktu.

Untuk melatih imajinasi dan konsentrasi saya menemukan sebuah artikel menarik tentang suatu metode dengan imajinasi tingkat tinggi

anda dapat melatihnya !

Metode Mengingat Roman Room


Untuk melatih kedisiplinan berarti kita harus membiasakan untuk melatih waktu.Cara-cara sederhana sebenarnya bisa kita kuganakan untuk melatih kedisiplinan :

1.Mandi Teratur

Banyak yang menganggap sepele hal ini.Padahal mandi 2 kali sehari dapat membantu tingkat konsentrasi menjadi meningkat pesat.Ini terbukti bagi orang-orang yang tidak meneraturkan mandi dipagi dan sore hari pasti akan kesulitan untuk berkonsentrasi

2.Sikap Duduk Benar

Sering kali kita dalam kehidupan sehari-hari sangat melalaikan yang namanya sikap duduk.Padahal dengan melatih sikap duduk kita juga secara otomatis melatih kedisiplinan kita


Dengan bicara akan mengalihkan perhatian kita agar tidak malas-malasan.Dengan bisara selain melatih kedisiplinan juga dapat melatih konsentrasi sehingga otak tidak terlalu banyak melamun


Dengan membiasakan bersih-bersih rumah akan melatih kita untuk tetap aktif dalam kehidupan.Tidak perlu terlalu bersih asalkan dilakukan teratur

Cara Sederhana Melatih kedisiplinan

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